Friday, December 10, 2010

A Turnstile Encounter

It's cold here, so I was wrapped up this morning, and had my chin down, tucked under my scarf. My hat was pulled down over my forehead. With my full work backpack, I must have resembled a slowly-moving rummage sale -- a pile of clothing on legs!

As I approached the turnstile where I exit the commuter train and head for the subway, I found my path blocked by a figure. Pushing up my hat so I could see, I regarded an earnest-looking young man about my son's age. Dark curly hair, navy peacoat, multicolored scarf. I started to weave around him, which is my standard operating procedure in public places.

Then he spoke. "Jesus loves you!" he said.

I stopped weaving and looked at him. "Thanks. He loves you, too!" I answered.

He smiled. "I know. Jesus loves you!" he exclaimed to the next couple, right behind me, and I continued on my way.

But now I was smiling instead of cringing from the cold. What would the world be like if we all knew God's love, all the time?