Monday, September 25, 2006

OK, get a grip ...

At the end of last week it became clear to me, through items which arrived in the mail, that someone has been using my name to attempt to open credit card accounts! Yesterday morning, in examining my credit report, I learned with some bemusement that seven such attempts have been made in this month alone!! Someone has been very busy pretending to be me! (I wonder if he or she also wants to be middle-aged, short and plump? I'm a package deal.) Now that I have set up security alerts with all the credit reporting agencies, this type of attempt won't be successful (I hope). I tried not to lose much sleep over it all, in any case.

And yet -- this event did bring home to me the fact that my reputation for reliability, reflected in my good credit record, is very important to me. Despite all we hear at the Church on the Pike about how infinitely precious we are to God, just as we are and with all our wrinkles unsmoothed, apparently I also care quite a bit about my "good name" and my financial reputation.

So much for humility, and leaving behind earthly things. Just the minute you think you may be making a little spiritual progress -- whack! Creatureliness smacks you right in the face. So I can talk all I want about Jesus being all I need, but I was certainly in a rush to prevent the identity thief from being sucessful (and I was quite vocal about what a creep he or she must be!).

Deep breath. I have a looooong way to go on this journey, haven't I?

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