Monday, December 18, 2006

Slouching towards Bethlehem

Our service of Lessons and Carols took place last night at church -- a lovely event, even though it is unseasonably warm here, and I had perspiration running down between my shoulder blades as I was singing! Not very Christmassy. The firewood rack on my porch is completely filled, but we have not really had cold enough weather to suggest a fire. I feel really silly having a fire with all the windows open!

And so we creak along into the last week of Advent. All my women friends are practically dead on their feet. I accomplished nothing this weekend. Friday was the eleventh anniversary of my mother's death, which I tend to brood about more than I should after eleven years. And so this week I will have to make up for lost time.

Is it January yet?

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Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Prayers for your brood time. I still have my mom, but fully realize that I will be very broody indeed, when the time comes.

We have a full rack of wood too. But don't feel even slightly ridiculous opening a window so the fire will draw, LOL.