Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letting the good times roll?

Tomorrow morning I'm heading off to New Orleans for a library conference, so I probably won't be blogging for a bit.

I feel guilty going out in the evenings for a good time in a city that has suffered so much, especially since I know I probably won't even leave the relatively undamaged French Quarter. On the other hand, I will be spending considerable amounts of my employer's money, and some of my own, while I'm there, and I know the area needs tourism. Still, I feel uneasy about the whole trip.

So I might be letting the good times roll, but I'll be saying a lot of prayers, too, especially if I can find a nearby Episcopal Church.

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Anonymous said...

You're probably already gone and so won't see this until you come back, but how about St. Luke's, the only historically African-American Episcopal church in N.O.?

Some of my classmates were there in March. They reported that the congregation rebuilt the church before they even really got started on their own homes.

Have fun and spend lots of money. I'm sure the city will benefit from your conference.

-the seminarian