Sunday, September 23, 2007


She's called an "orb-weaver," and I respect her skill at making webs, but we have a sort of chilly relationship. She's made herself a nice web at the end of my porch, between the porch ceiling and the woodpile. Fortunately, that's the opposite end of the porch from where I sit, and she doesn't interfere with our coming and going through the door.

I sit there, usually at night, with one of my dogs, and I keep a close and fearful eye on her. Now and then she catches a tasty bug -- I can't fault her for that -- and moves slowly to devour it. Then she takes her place again at the center of the web, swinging ever so lightly in the breeze, waiting for her next victim.

I have been afraid of spiders since before I can remember. As a child, I woke my parents many times to kill one that had strayed into my room. As an adult, I try not to kill anything outside the house -- but I am still terrified and repulsed! This doesn't hold true for non-arachnids: I love reptiles and amphibians, and when my kids were at camp, I disgraced them at Parents' Night because I was the only mother who wanted to hold the garter snake.

But I am trying to live and let live. I try to look at the spider as God looks at her -- not as something to be chased with a can of Raid, but as part of His creation, with her own part to play. I try to respect her as another creature, doing God's will in her own way.

Oh, how pious! But if she comes down to my end of the porch ... I'm afraid my phobia will overtake me, and the Raid will do its evil best.

Pray for the poor orb-weaver to keep her distance!


Gabrielle said...

Yuk, yuk, yuk. You are far more pious than I. I would rather respect her memory...

sharecropper said...

Just now finding time to backtrack on my favorite blogs, Judith. I love the picture of the spider. Did you see the writing spider on my website. We named her Charlotte, and she left five egg bags at the corner of the porch. I have cautioned the workers not to disturb them. I want more of them next year. They are so beautiful.

But, I, too, fear spiders and will kill those that get in my way or act aggressively.