Friday, January 04, 2008

Not quite Martha Stewart

OK, so it's a new year, and in the spirit of compromise, J. and I have reached an agreement about something that has been a source of argument for many months now. And our solution was so simple!

Fuzzy bathroom rugs. I have cornered the market on fuzzy bathroom rugs, predominantly blue ones. Don't go looking for any of these at K-Mart -- they're all gone.

They're all at my house. They cover the seats of all my furniture. They're rubber-backed and impervious to moisture, dirt, mud, and they're totally washable.

Now the three dogs can lounge with me on the furniture. If this is all I accomplish in 2008, it's quite enough.

Martha Stewart would never recover if she saw my living room.


Anonymous said...

LOL! :-)

Jan said...

So good!

sharecropper said...

I tried that with throw blankets and my cats. They scrunch down underneath and thank me for providing such luxurious accommodations. LOL Good luck.

Gabrielle said...

Well, I guess she wouldn't be upset if they were Martha Stewart fuzzy blue bathroom rugs. :) She'd probably come up with some method of laundering them without having to remove the dogs.

Will you have to change your curtains now? ;)