Monday, February 25, 2008

Back on track?

Things have settled down a little at home. We have cleared the air, and we have a plan. That's all I can ask for right now.

So ... the diet resumes. I lost three pounds somewhere, but of course there are miles to go yet. I have stopped being hungry and resentful.

At least, I thought I had.

I came home to an empty house, so the only ones who had to be fed were myself and the three canines. Having provided for them, I microwaved a Lean Cuisine pizza (4 miserable points) for myself.

It wasn't bad, even if it did need a chocolate cake chaser. Lacking a chocolate cake, I sat there gloomily regarding my empty plate.

Then I noticed it. A teeny, tiny, nearly microscopic piece of sausage had escaped from the pizza, and landed on the tablecloth next to my plate.

But I was not the only one who noticed. Shadow, my nearly 12-year-old standard poodle, had fixed her beady little eyes on the prize. She looked from me to the sausage, quizically. I moved my hand a fraction of an inch closer to the morsel.

Shadow pounced. I pounced. Having hands, I got to it first. Down the hatch!

Oh no, I could hear her thinking, Has it come to this? She looked at me indignantly, shook her whole body, and walked away.

Has it come to this? Indeed. Will I be eating the Iams dog food next?


Jan said...

I'm hoping that you'll inspire me for weight loss. Worry helps lose weight sometimes. But I keep thinking of those Girl Scout cookies that are in the freezer.

Judith said...


I bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and made my daughter take them to college with her! But tonight I was sorry!

sharecropper said...

Oh dear! You have my prayers and empathy. Fortunately, my cats aren't tall enough to see the stray bits of food on the table...and they don't like people food anyway.

I am still attending Weight Watchers, but I'm just maintaining the loss I had earlier. Last week, I craved a chocolate chip muffin. So, I baked a dozen. And, ate them all over two days.

Stress really gets to me. A friend attempted suicide and I ate half a bag of chips ahoy.

But, I get back to it at least once a week when I go to meeting, and that helps some. The warmer weather will help us, too.

And, no. Don't do dogfood - not good, but cat crunchies are not bad.