Thursday, March 20, 2008

The price

Today I reached out on email to two women who were my close friends at my old church, asking after their families, giving them the news of my own, and wishing them a blessed Easter. It was a chatty little note, with a little news from my new parish mixed in. I thought it was a cordial note. I suggested lunch some Saturday.

I got back, "Happy Easter" from both of them. One line, more or less, including good wishes for my new life. I guess this is what it feels like to be thrown under the bus. I guess it's the price for being honest about what I saw happening at the Church on the Pike.

But sending that letter to my bishop was (as the commercial says).... priceless.


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Juliana said...

After reading this post about your friends, I went back to read the other posts about your former church. Frankly, Judith, if I were a friend of yours in this situation, you would have been lucky to have heard from me at all. You decided that the church was going in a direction that was not one that fit you- fair enough. But to label those whom you supposedly cared about as goose-steppers and Koolaid gangmembers, as though they would blindly follow a megalomaniac who would kill them en mass ala Jim Jones, is particularly mean-spirited. I'm sure the people who are at the Church on the Pike have brains enough to make decisions for themselves. Perhaps "Purpose Driven" is not for you. But as the book says, it's not about you- it's all about God. Your friends' gentle response to you in the face of your action tells me that they understood that better than you did. Leave them alone and move on with your life.

Judith said...


Thanks for your response. All opinions are welcome here.