Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chomping at the bit

Calendar-wise, it's spring. In terms of temperature, it's spring (68 degrees today, 74 tomorrow, in the high 60s or low 70s for the extended forecast).

The frost/freeze tables have me hamstrung. The popular wisdom I absorbed from my granny is that you never, never plant outside until May 15th. She was a great storyteller, and one story she loved to tell was the one about Pop-Pop's planting 60 tomato plants on the 20th of April, and how they perished in a late-season snowstorm.

But that was before global warming, I guess. The frost/freeze tables I consulted today suggested that our last freeze will probably occur by April 15th.

This would not be an issue, were the morning-glory babies not taking over my basement. I started them on March 15th, under lights, and they're now a foot tall, curling around each other and looking somewhere, anywhere, for an anchor to latch onto. I really want to plant them outside.

In the end, it's a judgment call, just like when I took my kids out of Catholic school and sent them to public school (this worked brilliantly for my daughter; not so much for my son). So tomorrow night will probably find me installing the babies on the porch in their container, training their tendrils around the garden obelisk which stands 84 inches high above them.

Or, maybe not. I might chicken out!


Jan said...

What did you decide to do?

Gabrielle said...

I just love morning glories; my mom used to have them climbing the side of our house when I was little. How are they doing, Judith?