Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Only connect!

I know that's a quote, up there in the title, but I can't recall who said it. Anyway, I went to the Order of Julian's annual JulianFest this past weekend, and spent two marvelous days doing just that. What a treat it is to see old friends, make new ones, learn more about Mother Julian, and have a change of scene.

Southern Wisconsin is so beautiful this time of year! There are flowers in bloom there that have been gone for weeks in the Middle Atlantic. Unfortunately, we also had heat, humidity, and impressive storms and heavy rain. And this Jersey girl experienced her very first tornado warning, on Saturday afternoon, as we all left our meetings and hurried into a lower hallway of the retreat center, where there were no windows. Thunder boomed overhead, and those of us who are locals made tornado jokes -- black humor on this subject apparently abounds among midwesterners -- while the rest of us waited somewhat nervously. As a certifiable "weather geek," I was dying to go outside with my camera -- but I had left it in my room!

The tornado passed south of us and went into a lake, we were told later. So we resumed our schedule of music, fellowship, and prayer (8 services in 48 hours!). Next year I hope to be there for the Affiliates' Retreat as well.

Hopefully without tornadoes!

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FranIAm said...

The tornado part was scary, but the rest sounds amazing!

And is that not the faith journey - scary and amazing!

When I hear "only connect" I am reminded of the great novel by E.M.Forster, Howards End - which that is a theme of.