Monday, December 15, 2008

Off to a slow start ...

I read somewhere recently that some people are "Christmas" Christians, while others are "Passion" Christians.

I must fall into the latter category -- I find Lent more meaningful than Advent, and I am completely absorbed by the time the Triduum arrives. That's the most important time of the year for me.

By the time Thanksgiving is over, I am ready for a break. But here comes Advent! There's no place to hide! Overnight: total-immersion Advent!

At the mall, yesterday, when I finally began the little bit of Christmas shopping that I am going to do, I kept hearing that Christmas song on the loudspeakers, the one that insists that Christmas is the happiest time of the year.

So I must be missing something. Christmas wears me out. A local radio station began all-Christmas-music-programming *before* Thanksgiving! It's the middle of December and I've already been caroled to death!

And merchants must be truly desperate, because at least 80% of my email this morning was from online sellers wanting me to know about drastic sales. Sigh.

Now Easter has largely remained beneath the commercial radar. I guess that's one reason I prefer it.


susan s. said...

I think that Christmas is a miserable time for a lot of folks because it never lives up to the dream they had as children of how wonderful Christmas could be. I don't have many memories of good Christmases, only the ones I wished could have been. As I get older and tireder without the energy to clean the house, much less to put up a tree, it becomes more of a downer...

Jan said...

After all the cookies I've been baking, I agree. I'm not observing Advent as much as I try during Lent. Good wake up call!