Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A somewhat-diminished Midget

So, in 12 full months of dieting, I've lost 25 pounds.

I'm grateful, even thought it seems like it should be more. My husband lost 100 pounds in seven months! But then, he was perfectly single-minded about it. I am rather hit-or-miss about dieting, as about much of the rest of my life.

It's nice to feel better on the subway steps. Walking is also a lot easier. But there has been one unintended consequence:

I'm cold all the time!

It used to be that I would be the one the neighbors saw, in the throes of a hot flash, sitting out on the porch in a tee-shirt when the temperature was 9 degrees! Now I am huddled under an afghan, with a large dog cuddled on each side and one on my lap. Isn't it spring yet?

Anyway, just 15 pounds to go. I hope this doesn't take me another year!


Jan said...

You go girl! I am very impressed. I need to lose 40 lb., and would be so very happy to have lost 25 (or 10, at this point). Congratulations!! Also, taking it off slowly will keep it off.

susan s. said...

Haven't been here for a while! Good on you for losing weight.

About the being cold... maybe it's that you aren't having hot flashes anymore for other reasons!

I also think that losing 25 lbs. in a year is a good way to do it, albeit frustrating. ;-)