Sunday, September 13, 2009

She's baaaaaaaack!

It's September already? Where did the summer go? Not that we had much of a summer until the middle of August. But who's complaining?

Well, I suppose it's time I account for myself. I was busy this summer, though not, obviously, busy with blogging. A short summary of the season (with some pictures) is now in order.

At the end of July, I attended a convention in Washington, DC. I went a day ahead of time, and spent the day at one of my favorite places in the universe, the National Cathedral. I did the tour and attended the noon Eucharist. And I shopped ... and shopped ...

We sent the Little Princess off to dental school!

I had some unexpected gardening success: my hibiscus, now in its third summer, bloomed gloriously; and the clematis I had given up on did the same.

I completed two blankets, in similar granny-square patterns, for the Linus Project, which gives blankets to children with cancer.

And I have lost 35 pounds, and I'm only 5 pounds from the goal!! Stay tuned.

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susan s. said...

Hi! Here I am, an almost complete stranger, just checking in because you said you don't blog much, but I wanted to see how you are doing in the slow and steady race to your goal to lose weight, and here I find that you are doing it bit by bit! Pretty soon you will be able to write a how to book ;-).