Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cold and dark

Here on the cusp of Advent, I am having trouble getting into the season.Some friends suffered great losses during Hurricane Sandy. A dear friend has cancer. Another friend just lost an old, beloved dog. My husband is losing his job at the end of January.

Of course, it could always be worse -- this almost goes without saying. But I'm just not ready for the Christmas onslaught. A local radio station started playing 24/7 Christmas music on Thanksgiving Day (seriously). The local Starbucks assaulted my ears this morning with jazzy versions of holiday tunes. The shops ... well, forget the shops. The mall traffic is unceasing, the drivers are hostile, all in competition for that ol' Christmas cheer. I'm staying home.

But I am going to a women's quiet day this Saturday, at a local church. What I need is a quiet month, but this day will be a start. When I get home, I'll set up the Advent wreath -- I'm using votives this year, for a change. As our Advent introit proclaims, "One candle lights the way." We'll see.

Of course, the point of Advent, which I nearly always manage to miss, is to welcome Jesus into the middle of the mess our lives have become, to light that one candle in the wreckage. We're not doing so well, Jesus, but you're welcome here.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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