Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No comment (for a change)!

One of my Lenten practices for this year has been to "sign off" Facebook until after Easter.

I sent a little farewell message to all my friends, wished them a Holy Lent, and moved my little Facebook icon to the last screen on my cell phone, where, theoretically, I will forget to look at it.  I unpinned Facebook from my taskbar. I am now Facebookless.

Don't get me wrong: I adore Facebook. I love the interaction with people I don't see often -- or ever -- (as well as with people I do). But, for me, it had become a terrible time-waster, and a distraction from other things that need doing. What's more, it kept my mind too busy all the time. I "had" to catch up with postings; I "had" to share lots of posts; and, worst of all, I "had" to have an opinion on everything I saw.

I got tired of having an opinion.  And, let's face it, my (predictably liberal) opinions are a surprise to no one, especially to me.

I got tired of the noise in my head. I felt debilitated by the noise in my head. Facebook is only one source of that noise. But noise is never a good thing!

I'm enjoying the Lenten quiet. It may wear on me in time. But, for right now, the silence in my head is golden.

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