Thursday, April 21, 2016

He said/she said ...

Look at those sweet cartoon figures to the left,   still in love, after all these years. Haven't we all known sweet old couples who've been married so long that they can finish each other's sentences? And there are even those couples who don't even seem to have to speak. It's almost as if they have telepathic abilities.

I've been married nearly 36 years, but my spouse and I are not at this telepathic point yet. Not having to converse would be an attractive option, given some of the crystal-clear interchanges we've had recently.

HE: Where'd you put my thing for work?
SHE: What thing?
HE: The thing I use to work in the dining room.
SHE: I didn't put anything anywhere.
HE: But my thing is gone. You had to have put it away.
SHE: What THING? What is the THING?
HE: The plug thing. For the wall.
SHE: You mean the CORD? It's the CORD you want? The ELECTRIC CORD?
HE: Yes.
SHE: I never touched it.

Of course, no one is immune to communication difficulties.

HE: I couldn't get into the garage from the driveway.
SHE: That's because the hoojie is busted.
HE: The garage door opener is busted?
SHE: No, just the hoojie. It might need a new battery.
HE: The garage door opener doesn't use batteries. It's hard-wired.
SHE: Not the opener, the hoojie.
HE: What's a HOOJIE?
She: The hoojie on the wall. With buttons.
HE: You mean the TOUCHPAD? The TOUCHPAD needs a battery?
SHE: That's what I just said.

Can it get any better than this? Maybe if we learned Sign Language it would help!

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