Thursday, November 10, 2016

The election is over. It's time for Trump Watch

I get it, folks, I really do. We're all pissed off that Donald Trump was elected.

But why are you protesting? Are you going to overthrow our constitutionally elected 45th president-elect? Really?

This is not some banana republic, ladies and gentleman. This is the USA. So get a grip. No junta is going to depose the Donald.

We did this, you know. We did this to ourselves. It's the simple math of the electoral college: Hillary Clinton did not win the states she needed to secure 270 votes. Women and minorities did not vote in sufficient quantities to ensure Hillary's election. We can argue about the electoral college -- personally, I don't see what purpose it serves, and I'd just as soon be rid of it -- but the math is clear.

So save your strength, because you are going to need it. Move past your anger. It's time to be watchful. Stay alert. I call this Trump Watch (a la Helsinki Watch and Human Rights Watch).

If Donald Trump attempts to do the terrible things he said he would do, that's when we take to the streets. Peacefully, but with determination.

But this election? It's over. We need to move on, ever alert.

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LondonBlacksheep said...

I've been eagerly anticipating this next entry. Thanks for the calm, pragmatic yet correct and moral approach. Exactly what is needed. Thanks. Debs Voorhees