Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I seem to have mislaid my waist .......

Yes, that's right. I am in search of my waist. It has gone missing!

I lost quite a bit of weight in my fifties. 18 months of counting points. No ice cream. No peanut butter. So much rabbit food that I nearly grew a cottontail and began hopping around on the lawn at night.

But when I hit my 60s, my body turned on me, like a villain in a cartoon.

And now my waist has disappeared.

It used to be in the normal spot, and I was able to encircle it with belts and skirts. Now the belts just laugh at me. A skirt recently suggested I was ready to try elastic.

Now, I could lament this loss of my waist. I could go on and on about yesteryear, and how I was once a size eight. Or I could resign myself to the loss of my waist, and somehow ... somehow ... go on without it.

I hope it has gone to a good home.

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