Friday, October 13, 2006

A change in the weather

The mercury fell into the high 30s last night, so I guess I can say fall has arrived. Meanwhile, they have two feet of snow in Buffalo -- I'm happy not to be dealing with that yet!

My son had left for work and everyone else was still asleep when I left this morning. It was a perfect fall morning: the air was so cold I could see my breath, but there was no wind, so a little mist still hung in the trees, which have just started to turn to their fall colors. I stood still for a minute, just saying a prayer of thanks. If I'd had time, I would love to have made a cup of tea and sat on my front porch, all bundled up. The air was so clear it was like looking through crystal.

I hate having to leave the house in the mornings. I am definitely, at least in middle age, quite the homebody.

Tonight, if it stays chilly, I will definitely have a fire, and stay up late, reading. For some unknown reason, I have decided to try to learn a little biblical Greek (!), and got myself a textbook with a workbook and a CD-ROM. Naturally I am so intimidated that I have not yet really opened any of them! In fact, after peeking once at the alphabet I scurried upstairs and got out my Vulgate so I could stumble through a little of John's Gospel and feel a bit better. But it's really easy Latin, of course, and I already know what it says, don't I? But it felt good nonetheless.

So, tonight ... maybe a little Greek.

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