Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ten things meme ...

I got this meme from Share Cropper.

1. I have lived in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. I'm your basic Delaware Valley Girl. I have always lived near the Delaware River.

2. I have witnessed the grace which sometimes accompanies great suffering; people dying with dignity and in peace; the innocence of children; the astounding beauty of the world entrusted to us; the visceral bond which links me to my children; the strength of a parish in time of crisis.

3. I have heard the song of crickets on a summer night; rain on the roof and wind in the trees; my friend Carol hitting notes I couldn't hit with a stick; dogs barking in the night; fog-horns, one of my favorite river sounds; my kids' first cries.

4. I have lost my mom and dad, without really having time to say goodbye; my way in my 40s, when the hormones were wild and raging; my need for approval; my desire for an exciting career;

5. I have found new love with my husband in our third decade together; that you can never have too many dogs; that I might actually like to learn learn to cook someday (it's never too late!).

6. I love my husband, kids, and dogs; my parish family; the Order of Julian of Norwich, and the friends I have made among the affiliates; the Communion of Saints; leading the Sunday service as a lay reader; offering the chalice to the parish family at the communion rail; older people; funerals which celebrate someone's life in all its fullness; smiling and waving at babies on the subway; Friday nights!; the Weather Channel and CNN; horror novels and movies; being near any body of water.

7. I can read French, German, Italian, a little Latin, a little Welsh, a little (very little) Polish; I am formidable with a crockpot (that's easy -- anyone can do it!!); I can crochet (but not knit!);
I am a good low alto and mid-range singer, but spare me the high notes!; I am good in a crisis, and at taking care of the sick.

8. I loathe top-down management; bosses who can't remember your name; Mondays; my treadmill; coming home from work and having to cook dinner; summer; hot weather and humidity.

9. I hope to do something meaningful in retirement; to leave my kids something more important than money; to be able to adopt a greyhound one day; to be able to buy some land in the country and build a little house for my husband, the dogs, and me when the kids have moved out; to enjoy my grandchildren when (if) they come along.

10. I am trying to lose some weight; to develop a habit of daily meditation; to not resent having to get up and go to work; to go to bed earlier; to read the Bible daily.


Jan said...

I'm impressed with all the languages you can read!

Judith said...
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Veritas said...

I really liked this. A very honest and interesting and soul-searching kind of appraisal. Thank you, and God bless.