Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mix-and-Match Holidays

OK, I'll admit it. I'm confused.

Today it was so warm that I had to turn on the air conditioning in order to bake pies for Thanksgiving. Unseasonable weather just annoys me.

But I'm not the only one confused. When I got home from work last night, I found a large box had been delivered to my porch. It was my Christmas wreath from L.L. Bean. Two days before Thanksgiving! I laid it in a shady corner of the porch, next to my large pumpkin, and I'm trying to remember to keep it moist.

Then there's my daughter, home from college for Thanksgiving. Now, one of her usual jobs -- because no one else can stand the tedium of it -- is putting together the artificial Christmas tree. She normally does this the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and I feel that's really too early, but you're not going to find me doing it. This year, however, the only free time for the task was -- you guessed it -- today.

So I have pumpkins and gourds on the mantel, chrysanthemums in the kitchen, and a 6-foot-tall, naked Christmas tree between the living room and dining room.

Maybe we'll play Christmas carols tomorrow while we eat Thanksgiving dinner by the Christmas tree in our air-conditioned house!

Merry Thanksgivingmas!


Wayne Stratz said...

we went out for a walk and enjoyed the fall foliage this morning. things just might be askew.

enjoy it all.

sharecropper said...

Laughing. What a confusing array of seasonal symbols. The year's arrangement of holidays is becoming more and more compacted and overlapping. Just think about how various sports have extended their seasons.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jan said...

This is a funny complex of seasonal symbols, but I like keeping the autumnal ones around a little bit longer. Thanks for the wonderful descriptions.