Monday, August 18, 2008

Is it fall yet?

OK, I know I'm rushing the season.

But I am SO OVER summer. Not that I am a real enthusiast in the first place.

After a blistering July, we are having a relatively mild August here in the Delaware Valley. Even for those who like to complain about heat (that would be me), there hasn't been that much to complain about. And the days are getting shorter; the nights have a first hint of coolness. I should be rejoicing.

But I am exhausted all the time. I have so many projects that I planned to undertake this summer. So many small improvements I wanted to make at home, things taking no more than 10 minutes, things as small as changing a light bulb. Have I done any of them? Noooooooo ....

I know this will be a familiar lament for any of you who suffer from summer SAD (seasonal affective disorder), as I do. And I am fortunate to have only a mild case! Even so, I'd like to curl up in a dark room and sleep till about the middle of September.

But I'm going to stay out of direct sunlight and soldier on.


Jan said...

You'd never want to live in south TX!

Stratoz said...

I too am in the valley which you mention and I have been enjoying the 80's over the 90's. the humidity of today will be gone tomorrow so maybe you can stop the hibernation for a day or two.

sharecropper said...

Coolness - hint of coolness. It hasn't reached this far south yet. I'm sitting here sweating. At least, our temps have dropped into the 80s instead of the 90s.

Rush it a little bit, will ya? And, can you send a bit of snow while you're at it - even if it only comes once in January or so.