Friday, August 08, 2008

Lambeth. Sigh.

I don't know what I really expected from Lambeth 2008.

I gather, from my reading, that lots of talk and prayer took place. That new relationships were forged, and multiple points of view expressed in love. That the Holy spirit was palpably present. This is all to the good, of course -- nothing to sneeze at. I suppose we are lucky there was no outright schism. Of course, the bishops who really can't stand us weren't there.

Progress? I don't know. The idea of an Anglican covenant is still very much alive. We are still urged to refrain from ordaining LGBT folks, and not to bless their unions. So what has changed?

My new hero is Bishop Marc Andrus of California, who says the following on his blog:

In not abiding by the moratorium on same-sex blessings I take it as incumbent on me and on us in the Diocese to actively labor to both understand the position of those to whom that moratorium is important, and to convey the reality of our life together to the world. I must redouble my efforts at inhabiting a deeper unity.

A deeper unity would be wonderful, but not balanced on the backs of those who feel excluded from the Church. Bishop Andrus, to his credit, understands exactly that.

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