Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want the shiny, red leather jacket!

I've been thinking ... about Sarah Palin and her $150,000.00 buying spree, financed by the RNC.

Since Palin's clothes are going to be donated to charities after the election, maybe she could send this red jacket my way! I might even, eventually, lose enough weight to fit into it! If not, I could simply admire it on the hanger.

Of course, some people will say I should stop whining and just buy my own jacket. So I did a little online sniffing, and though I could not find Sarah's exact jacket, I did find a similar one at Neiman Marcus. Isn't it just divine? And the best thing is the price tag.

It's only $1,395.00! I should snap it up!

Oh, but wait. I forgot I'm paying $653.40 every month for my son's health insurance. Just in case he needs another hernia repair. Or gets into an accident. I'm such a worry wart!

Maybe I could put it on layaway -- I hear that's the next big thing, since none of us has any money left. Let's see , $1,395.00 ...

That's $10.00 per month for the next 11.6 years. Or, I could just shop where I normally shop.

Old Navy.


FranIAm said...


What a great post you have here.

You and your concerns about the "health" of your son. You know what John McCain would say about that!

Deep sigh. What have we become?

Jan said...

Thanks for the laughs. Too bad it's all true.

sharecropper said...

Oooooh, I love that jacket, too. And, I don't think she should have to give up her clothes. They do look good on her. The Neiman Marcus one isn't nearly as good looking. LOL

Unfortunately, I think I could spend that much money and not get nearly as many clothes as she did. I do love clothes, but I couldn't handle those heels.