Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year, a clean slate ...

Notice that I'm not using the word resolutions ... this is more like a plan. Plans suggest flexibility, fluidity, adjustment. Resolutions suggest, well ... resoluteness. None of that here! But I am hopeful, even if not resolute! So here we go!

  1. Listen more; talk less. Pray more; talk less. Stop whining when you do talk.
  2. Lose the remaining weight. 23 pounds is good, but it's not enough to be healthy. So keep dieting. Stop at 115. Then have a hoagie.
  3. When you get to 115, go on a cruise with J.
  4. Don't worry that there is no money for a cruise (or for anything else).
  5. Save the chardonnay for Friday and Saturday. Your waistline will thank you. Your liver will be ecstatic.
  6. Do NOT check on your 403b(7) retirement account several times a day. Check it only on Friday night. Wash down with abovementioned wine if needed.
  7. Spend more time with friends. What're you saving vacation days for? You have no money to travel with!
  8. Carry a dollar in your jeans pocket when you go to work. Someone might need it more than you do.
  9. Politics (including church politics) is so last year! Get over it.
  10. Go on more retreats, including a silent retreat.

Well, there you have it, the ten parts of the plan. All are good, commonsensical ideas. We'll see if I can manage them!


Sophia said...
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Anonymous said...

You could go to NYC with a vacation day or two. You must know SOMEONE there! At least for now, before they move to some boring suburban town...

Anonymous said...

Here's a blog your favorite seminarian thought you'd find interesting -

This blog is written by a good friend, the partner of one of my closest friends here. His latest post is about Rick Warren at the inauguration. It might make you crazy but it's interesting reading.

Jan said...

Good choices.