Friday, June 28, 2013

A little chaos is good for the soul ... right?

The evening started off wrong, and got worse.

The commuter train, normally so reliable, had a thirty-minute delay due to a fire of unspecified source and location. It's so annoying when you never find out what really, really happened! We want all the details, and we never get them. But that's fine. After a looooong wait on the platform, I did manage to squeeze onto a train, with several hundred other people, where I stood with my face practically jammed into a large man's sweaty armpit.  Ah, the disadvantages of being short.

At home, it was a lively scene. Somehow our wireless router, as well as our four laptops, had all been hacked. I assume this is unrelated to the train fire, haha.  Family members clutched their cellphones, in various stages of having credit cards canceled and bank accounts checked. Microsoft charged us several hundred dollars to clear everything up. It was a costly security lesson.

Then I went into the kitchen. There, in a shoebox on the counter, was a baby rabbit. A perfectly lovely baby rabbit, all of six inches long, with delicate little furry feet and perfect little bunny ears. And he was perfectly dead. My daughter had snatched him from the beak of a crow aiming to carry him off for supper. Alas, she must have been a few moments too late, because he expired in the box.

So the computers were dead, the credit cards were canceled, the rabbit had died. I tell you, if I were still drinking, that would have been the night for it! I escaped the chaos and attended my book club.

On returning home, I asked my daughter what she had done with the dead rabbit. Had she wrapped it in plastic and placed it in the trash outside? Had she buried it? Where was its final resting place?

She put it in the freezer. Trash doesn't get collected until next Wednesday, and she was afraid it would attract wild animals.

So the computers were still dead, we had no available credit, and I had a dead, infant bunny in my freezer.

It was just another night in the 'hood, I guess.  

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