Friday, June 07, 2013

Time for the desert?

Next week I will be heading out to Wisconsin, for the Order of Julian's annual affiliates' retreat and JulianFest weekend. Nearly three days will be spent in silence before our festive weekend begins. Despite the retreat center's beautiful location on Lake Oconomowoc, I think of this retreat as my annual time in the desert. I look forward to the silence.

And so I have begun to develop piles of items to pack. Among these are:

      Journals I need to read
      Candles (the battery-powered type)
      Music for meditation
      My journal 
      My laptop
      Materials for planning a haiku retreat. 
Hmmm. God?

Where did I put him? Is he in one of the piles? Am I going to have time to listen to him, or will I be totally occupied with "stuff"? This is a real danger with me: that I will leave no real time to listen for anything the Holy Spirit may wish to say.

Lord, give me the patience, the stillness, to await your arrival in the silence of my heart.

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MadPriest said...

Have a good time! Although, rather you than me. I spend far too much time on my own, as it is, without going to look for more opportunities for silence. I think there should be noisy retreats for people like me who need to get out more. Oh, and don't worry about packing God. He'll already be there when you arrive.