Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The scramble for bread and milk ...

OMG, I understand we are expecting a "monster snowstorm" in the next day or two. For the DC area, it may well be a storm of historic proportions -- not so much for us here in New Jersey.

Is it time to panic? Should I join the crowd of other little old ladies beating a path to the Superfresh in search of the always-important bread and milk?

Maybe not. I have bread in the freezer, and plenty of milk. I only use milk in coffee anyway.

And how long are we ever snowed in, in our part of the country? A day or two, no more. If I had to, I could trundle on foot to the grocery store. But I wouldn't. I'd eat microwave popcorn and watch movies until the snow melts or J. got us shoveled out.

But this is a human response to a threat, right? We're circling the wagons, sandbagging the riverbank, preparing to evacuate ....

No. Not for this. When Three Mile Island had its meltdown in 1979, J. and I had an escape plan. THAT was a threat! This hardly rises to that level.

The only thing I really am concerned about is power, since this storm is a Nor'easter, with plenty of wind expected. So I checked the drawer where we keep the D batteries, and we seem to have plenty. And then .....

And then I really panicked, and ordered this little charger/power-storage gizmo from Amazon (it will arrive tomorrow, well in advance of the snow).

Because we may be eating cold baked beans out of the can, but our cell phones will be charged and ready!

It's all about priorities.

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