Monday, April 16, 2007

"Mom, it's me, I'm OK"...

This is what every parent of a Virginia Tech student wanted to hear this morning. My good friend Carolyn did hear it. Her son, Lee, was on his way to his engineering class in the very building where the shootings occurred, when a friend called his cell phone and advised him to return home. So Lee is safe tonight.

But so many others are not.

I cannot even imagine what prompts a person to take life, especially on this scale. And I can't imagine what it is like to be one of the parents of those murdered. My mind won't go there. How do you recover after your child is murdered in cold blood?

And how many dead people will it take, in our cities, in our suburbs, on our campuses, before we get legislation to control guns? What do the Republicans not understand about this? And why do I bother to ask?

Because so many people are dead tonight. That's why.

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Mrs. M said...

Judith, I want these answers, too. A girlfriend of mine said last night, "30 people seems like mass distruction. I'd call that weapons of mass distruction. Why aren't we going after them?"