Thursday, April 26, 2007

Your Life is 48% Green

You're life is pretty green - and you know a lot about how to live an eco friendly life.
So congratulate yourself for being good to the earth. And maybe think about implementing some of the ideas from this quiz!

OK, I know I could be doing better. But I was pleased to even get 48% on this quiz! I need to minimize the car trips and turn off the AC more often, assuming those at home will permit it! And I need to get a few cloth grocery bags (where do they come from??) and pay attention to packaging. And (sigh) I guess I need to go more often to the library instead of buying books.

Easier said than done!


Anonymous said...

I'm 52% green, which is misleading b/c NYC dwellers are generally much more energy efficient than suburban folk, what with living in a shoe box and all...

I updated my blog somewhat, although it's still behind. You can probably anticipate it being a CPE venting location this summer. Ugh. Lucky blog readers.
-the frazzled seminarian

Gabrielle said...

I'm 64% green. It said I make trade-offs, but apparently I know why I'm doing so!