Monday, April 02, 2007

Winding down for Holy Week

After the first Palm Sunday procession/service without rain in about 6 years (!!!), I raced around madly doing errands: food shopping, laundry, buying Easter plants, candy, etc. You know the drill.

Now I am trying to wind down for Holy Week. It feels to me like the events we're recalling are so world-shaking that they can be approached only with silent reverence. I never feel like I get this quite right. I'm pretty good at silent reverence, but my life tends to get in the way of it.

But this year I'm getting a break. My husband is leaving Wednesday to see his mother, in central New York State, in order to do her taxes (when I protested that it's Holy Week, he responded that it's not Holy Week for him -- which I guess I can't argue about -- and that I won't be around anyway, since I'll be at church all the time). So, in the evenings at least, I should have relative silence (my son will be home in the evenings, and my daughter, since she goes to a college run by Augustinians, will be home on Easter break, but both of them will most likely ignore me, as they do at their ages). So perhaps I can have some reverent silence, even with three large dogs around.

This is my favorite week of the year, and I especially love the Triduum. I'd love to go on a retreat that spanned Holy Week and Easter, but that may have to wait for a few years!

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Gabrielle said...

Hi Judith! A link to your beautiful blog appeared on my dashboard at Contemplative Haven (to tell me that you had linked to me). Thank you, I am humbled; and it's lovely to "meet" you. I can really relate to this post; I've been running for cover for weeks trying to get a few moments alone here and there.

The books on your sidebar caught my attention right away, because I am familiar with practically none of them! I love the title of your blog, but from the reading material, I have my doubts about the midget part...strong doubts...

I'm new to St. Blog's (formerly at blogspot) so as soon as I get my blogroll going (which may be a while due to tax season) I'll be putting in a link to you.