Friday, May 18, 2007


Last night we celebrated Christ's Ascension with a 7:30 service. We went all-out: choir, bell-choir, a wonderful homily, and a nice reception to follow.

Too bad only 6 people came.

OK, it was a week-night. OK, it was threatening to rain.

But where was everyone?

In the chancel, it was beastly hot. Sweat ran down between my shoulder-blades. The Rector had declined, when asked, to turn on the air conditioning (I wish, for him, 15 minutes of menopause!). After I nearly dropped the big E bell because my hand was so moist, it occurred to me that I should have changed out of the jeans that had now molded themselves to my rump.

I guess Ascension seems like an anti-climax to some people. After Easter, attendance goes way down, as folks begin to open up their beach houses and dust off the golf clubs. Jesus has safely risen -- where's the sunscreen? We'll see you again when Sunday school starts up in the fall!

Oh well. These services are not for us, after all.

Jesus has ascended! Alleluia!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that nobody was there, especially with all that good music. I don't think it's much of a tradition in that parish - am I remembering incorrectly? It's a pretty big deal at some of the churches here, but many seminarians don't remember it being observed in their home parishes.

I hope there is a good turn out for Pentecost even though it's a holiday weekend...

the lazy seminarian