Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tagged!! Thursday three-book meme

I've been tagged by Gabrielle for the "three-book meme." I, too, was an English major (how did we all end up in the blogosphere?), lo these many years ago, and, yes, this task is daunting! How to narrow down my selections .... Hm.

Generally, these days, I read nonfiction, and on specifically spiritual topics (how much I retain of what I read is another question!). This may be a reaction to having been immersed in belles-lettres forever.

So, here goes:

Revelations of Divine Love / Blessed Julian of Norwich. Julian rocks my world!
The Cloister Walk / Kathleen Norris (also Dakota)
The Genesee Diary / Henri Nouwen

The Return of the Native / Thomas Hardy. I reread this every couple of years. I, like Gabrielle, fixated on it at an early age. Last time I was in England, I went to Hardy's house, Max Gate, and although it was closed for the season, I sneaked around outside and looked in all the windows. I guess Hardy is kind of an obsession. I have all of his novels, even the ones I don't care much for.

Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me / Javier Marias. A guy has a one-night stand, but the woman has a stroke and dies. The novel depicts all the tangled relationships that develop as the narrator becomes anonymously involved with the woman's family members.

Waterland / Graham Swift. A boy coming of age in the watery fen country of England, and a mysterious death.

Thomas Hardy
Javier Marias
Ursula Hegi
Graham Swift (I know that's four, but I'm cheating)

Three books that no-one should read
Hmmm ... um .... er ....I give up.

I'd like to tag Michael, Rachel, and my favorite seminarian!

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Gabrielle said...

Thanks for doing the meme, Judith! Love Julian of Norwich, need to read Kathleen Norris, and must get to England to do a little snooping!