Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Excessive love of dogs

The goofy faces to the left belong to Amber and Max, our standard poodle puppies, who will have their first birthday on May 16th. Below is Shadow, our older standard poodle, born June 11, 1996 -- she's the boss! She's not very fond of the pups, and she tends to bully them a bit, though they're both bigger than she is. That's why she gets photographed separately.

I had a boyfriend once who said I had an excessive love of dogs. He was from Ireland, where (he said) dogs just lived outside. That he's not my husband now speaks volumes.

When I come home after work, there they are -- and so happy to see me! They're priceless to me, which is why I call them Woman's Best Friends. When my spirit has dried up like old shoe leather, when life seems like a barren spot surrounded by mountains, there they are, with their tongues hanging out, ready to go running in the woods.

Thank You, Lord, for dogs.

I'm not feeling very profound tonight, just grateful.


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely with you on the topic of dogs!

We have some around here that I'm not too excited about - I call them rats on a string b/c they are really that small - but generally I LOVE all normal size dogs. We have a zillion seminary dogs - my favorites include a soft coated Wheaton terrier (wow - what a great breed - they love everyone!), an English Mastiff (yes, in a New York apartment) and a Bernese Mountain Dog - huge, fuzzy, and beautiful (I may steal her away sometime...) :-)

Last week while interviewing for a field placement I met the rector's dog, who gets to come to work with him. I went from mature, professional seminarian to happy silly dog person being loved by a golden retriever in about 3 seconds flat.

I almost married a non-dog person. I should have known it wouldn't work!

Two nights before I married Dan I was sitting on the couch at my parent's house watching Dan snuggle with Bear on the floor when I burst into tears. My mother, horrified that the bride was crying, asked what was wrong. "He's just so nnniiiiicccceee! Look at him with Bear! I'm jjus just so so glad I have him..." I sobbed. Yep, dogs are a good test of a man. :-)

-the dog lovin' seminarian who just spent two hours researching the compilation dates of half the books of the Hebrew Bible - 1/5 of take a home exam that was supposed to take 3 hours total...

Dennis said...
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Share Cropper said...

My best friend is a standard poodle named Georgia, named not for the state, but for an area in Canada that was her original home. But, I do love the little snuggly dogs and the medium sized dogs and even those goofy labradors (as long as I'm not on the receiving end of tail wags).

Mata H said...

I'm not feeling very profound tonight, just grateful.

Oh my -- I think gratitude IS very profound.

I am a dog person as well, and thankfulness for the canine heart is a very special spiritual moment.